Freddie (she/they) have been ridden bikes since they remember. From riding granny’s bike on cobblestones like a pro back in Italy, to delivering food around London during lockdown. After getting her first road bike with the cycle to work scheme, they found out that South East London hills are no joke! As with any other sport they tried, from basketball to parkour and muay thai, they couldn’t stick with just road cycling, so they fell in love with BMX, gravel and fixie. Discovering a new diverse and queer world of cyclists thanks to Velociposse cc, they then found in Steezy the collective to be. They wanna help other newbies in discovering new ways of travelling¬†by organising¬†gravel bikepacking weekends with the other steezeers, and trying to bring the Steezy party pace to all the 2022 riding events they will attend. Feel free to pop in at Rapha London clubhouse to have a chat and a coffee with them and track down new strategies to make cycling more inclusive.