Tamzin(she/her) got into cycling at university as a means of getting to lectures quickly and cheaply – unsurprisingly she now works in active travel as a development officer for Cycling UK. After a brief dabble in road cycling, she discovered bike packing, gravel riding and ultra-distance cycling. Tamzin was one of the first recipients of the ultra-distance scholarship and is passionate about bringing genuine diversity to the sport and to cycling as a whole. Through her role as bikepacking/adventure representative at Steezy collective she hopes to continue her mission to introduce as many people as possible to the world of cycling by making it accessible and fun. She can occasionally be found in Glasgow, spreading the Steezy way, but will most likely be out seeking adventures (or eating).

Bikepacking and Adventure - Race

When Jade (she/her) moved to gloriously hilly Yorkshire in 2011 she fell in love with cycling. After years of riding fixed gear around Leeds and doing some fixed gear bikepacking…

Bikepacking and Adventure - Road Touring

Lindsey (she/her) took to two wheels during lockdown after her world travel plans were disrupted and she was back in the West Midlands. She quickly realised that cycling opened doors to incredible human powered adventures and discovered a passion for multi-day touring. Lindsey enjoys riding road and gravel so long as she’s out there exploring new places and connecting with nature. Her vision is to boost more people getting out on a bike and cheerleading them on to have a crack at adventures and all things bike related that stretches their limits! She’ll be repping Steezy internationally this year, spending six months riding from Turkey back to the UK.