Tamzin(she/her) got into cycling at university as a means of getting to lectures quickly and cheaply – unsurprisingly she now works in active travel as a development officer for Cycling UK. After a brief dabble in road cycling, she discovered bike packing, gravel riding and ultra-distance cycling. Tamzin was one of the first recipients of the ultra-distance scholarship and is passionate about bringing genuine diversity to the sport and to cycling as a whole. Through her role as bikepacking/adventure representative at Steezy collective she hopes to continue her mission to introduce as many people as possible to the world of cycling by making it accessible and fun. She can occasionally be found in Glasgow, spreading the Steezy way, but will most likely be out seeking adventures (or eating).

Freddie (she/they) have been ridden bikes since they remember. From riding granny’s bike on cobblestones like a pro back in Italy, to delivering food around London during lockdown. After getting her first road bike with the cycle to work scheme, they found out that South East London hills are no joke! As with any other sport they tried, from basketball to parkour and muay thai, they couldn’t stick with just road cycling, so they fell in love with BMX, gravel and fixie. Discovering a new diverse and queer world of cyclists thanks to Velociposse cc, they then found in Steezy the collective to be. They wanna help other newbies in discovering new ways of travelling by organising gravel bikepacking weekends with the other steezeers, and trying to bring the Steezy party pace to all the 2022 riding events they will attend. Feel free to pop in at Rapha London clubhouse to have a chat and a coffee with them and track down new strategies to make cycling more inclusive.

Mountain Bike

Pau (she/her) is a keen mountain biker and whitewater kayaker in London who used to spend most of her weekends In Wales seeking whitewater fun or downhill mtb thrills. She turned to road cycling during her recovery following a shoulder surgery and soon found herself riding regularly with a cycling club. In the last few years she has ventured back off-road exploring new trails outside London during lockdown. Pau is excited to be supporting Steezy’s off road/ MTB plans & keen to share her local knowledge of rad trails in Surrey & Kent.

Bikepacking and Adventure - Race

When Jade (she/her) moved to gloriously hilly Yorkshire in 2011 she fell in love with cycling. After years of riding fixed gear around Leeds and doing some fixed gear bikepacking…

Katie (she/her) stumbled into cycling as a physical therapy tool after an injury, but quickly discovered a love for the freedom and the community that’s come with it. Katie loves riding on the roads and trails around Manchester, the Peak District and the Lancashire Moors. She co-created the Northern Roll CC, a collective that was founded in the spirit of the historic socialist activist cycling and rambling clubs of Manchester and Bolton. By day, she’s a digital marketing consultant working to build a radically inclusive Jewish future and she’s part of the road/fixed/track representative team with Steezy, focusing on printing and organising road rides and events, especially in the North. 

Bikepacking and Adventure - Road Touring

Lindsey (she/her) took to two wheels during lockdown after her world travel plans were disrupted and she was back in the West Midlands. She quickly realised that cycling opened doors to incredible human powered adventures and discovered a passion for multi-day touring. Lindsey enjoys riding road and gravel so long as she’s out there exploring new places and connecting with nature. Her vision is to boost more people getting out on a bike and cheerleading them on to have a crack at adventures and all things bike related that stretches their limits! She’ll be repping Steezy internationally this year, spending six months riding from Turkey back to the UK.

Road - Race

Amy (she/her) got into cycling in 2016 when I completed LEJOG with her Mum. Since then, she has tackled mountains, rode the opposite way down the country (also with her Mum) and is now racing at a National level in the UK for Team Brother UK-LDN. The confidence that this trip gave her in her ability to take on challenges makes her very proud and she would like facilitate this for others through Steezy. She works as a cycle guide in Mallorca and is the brand and marketing manager for Parcours Velo.

Website and Blog

Mildred rediscovered her love of cycling in her mid-twenties when she decided that riding to work would help her squeeze some exercise into her working day while also saving on bus fair. From there, she continued to broaden her horizons, getting into road cycling, mountain biking, cycle touring, gravel grinding and bikepacking. Now she lives and breathes cycling, from her career in cycling journalism and her role as a Director of The Bristol Bike Project, to her personal YouTube project ‘Mildred Rides’, and co-founding Routing For Ya, a women-led inclusive cycling group with fellow Steezer Claire. As part of the Steezy Collective, Mildred manages the blog and website, making sure we share those inspirational stories that encourage more folks to get out and get Steezy.

Road - Fixed

Hayley started out as a commuter on a single speed, commuting from Hackney Wick, like the ultimate hipster! After cycling to Tasmania, Australia (on a bike with gears!), she graduated from single speed to fixed, which is now her speciality. Her vision for Steezy is for us to keep the steeze high, connect to more people and bring them all aboard the steeze train, no matter their bike of choice. When she’s not cruising about on bikes, she’s fixing them, and being social about it (mechanic/social media manager/IT consultant). Catch her riding around and hyping up other Steezy members!

Originally from the Lake District, Alice grew up surrounded by arguably the most stunning landscape in England, mountain biking was an easy and freeing way to explore this beautiful terrain. Being a keen adventurer, she spent every opportunity searching for new experiences and memories on the bike. Her recent move to London has led to her discovering the joys of riding fixed in the city and she quickly became involved in the local crit scene, here she joined Fixed Beers Race Team. During the week she can be found at Apidura living and breathing bikepacking. Alice looks at the future of Steezy, keeping a targeted mission and keeping the collective moving forwards.